U.S. RSOG provides a yearly course for civilians who would like to experience a taste of S.E.R.E. training.

Civilian S.E.R.E Level II Class

No Dates Posted

There are no training dates scheduled at this time. Please check back often.

Student Feedback

Civilian S.E.R.E. course

"I had a blast and tripled my knowledge within the first day. Thanks to the U.S. RSOG cadre for a well spent 3 days. You all are true professionals."

"I raised my level with this course and appreciate the opportunity to do so."

"The whole experience was outstanding! It was an honor and privilege to train with you-all."

"US RSOG Cadre -- well done! You're the real thing and it has been an outstanding experience to be there and learn from the best."

>> Training Events
>> Equipment
>> Shelter
>> Water
>> Trapping
>> Fish First
>> Blades
>> Survival Firearm
>> Fire
>> Jungle Primer
>> Jungle Kit
>> Bolo’s Kit
>> Chasing the Reaper
>> Gallery
>> Field Manual

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