U.S. RSOG provides a level of professionalism that is seldom found in organizations offering similar training opportunities and services. Our personnel were chosen after undergoing a rigorous selection course that not only measured their physical capabilities, but also their mental endurance. This attention to the mental aspects of the men while under extreme stress gives us a picture of their overall character. The ability to be confident during moments of chaos and almost humorous when the situation is miserable, are the traits that we look for. The selection course was outlined by the selection course that the U.S. military uses to select members into S.F.O.D. DELTA and the British use for SAS selections.

Our cadre is made up of former members of the units under the Special Operations Command (SOCOM). Many hold certifications from police departments across the United States. They have been tested in high-risk situations from the jungles of Central America to the concrete jungles of America’s urban centers. Our cadre are continually training to hone their skills and keep themselves on the cutting edge of their field of expertise. We have too, because if we put out bad material some one will invariably die in the line of duty.

U.S. RSOG personnel are tasked with and must be proficient in three operational fields: Training law enforcement personnel in tactical operations, training military personnel from all over the globe in survival and evasion skills and providing direct support for protection operations. This site is dedicated to the S.E.R.E aspects of U.S. RSOG operations, other areas are considered to be areas of a "sensitive nature." Very little of this information will be provided about those sensitive areas. Although our organization is not held under the control of the government bureaucracy, our associations with elements of military branches and the law enforcement community, give us "restrictive intent."

The cadre that conduct survival and evasion training courses spend collectively 300 days a year in the field testing pertinent equipment and techniques. With their military special operations background the time spent in the field is met with professional enthusiasm. When an individual is standing ass deep in a cold swamp in January with a stomach full off cat tail shoots and coon meat. And shivering so bad that he can’t control the chatter of his teeth, just for the sake of training. He has to be a hard professional and just laugh at the situation. Because that moment in time and many more moments just like that, is what separates him from the rest of the individuals that instruct other S.E.R.E. courses. He knows what he knows because he is there, not because the teaching curriculum was passed on to him from the guy that left the instructor slot before him. Who was taught by the guy who left that slot before him. Hence, our credo "Hard Professionals for Hard Operations."

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